West Cross Street

West Cross Street Business District is a multicultural, diverse, warm, welcoming, safe and business friendly environment. It makes the best destination for new businesses especially because the district officers are very supportive and encouraging. We love every bit of being here! Thank you Ypsilanti!

– Prafulla Kharkar, Veg-O-Rama

West Cross Street Commercial District is a vibrant area situated between Ypsilanti’s Downtown and Depot Town, close to Eastern Michigan University’s campus. This mixed-use, walkable business district is experiencing an energizing revitalization with the infusion of great neighborhood bars like the Wurst Bar, as well as community-friendly coffee shops like Sweetwater Coffee, which draws a mix of EMU students and local residents. The district contains many established businesses such as Tower Inn, Cross Street Coffee and Gora Cafe and many fast casual student orientated businesses catering to students such as Jimmy John’s, Got Burger, and Insomnia Cookies. The West Cross TIF Plan can be found here

Fun facts: West Cross is home to the original Domino’s Pizza (now Got Burger). However, the original Domino’s was first called Dominics and it was located in the present location of Stufd.